July 12, 2020
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Chora, Andros’ capital, is a baronial city. It is built on a peninsula. It combines island with neoclassic architecture. As you walk in the narrow paths of the Old City, you will discover the island’s cycladitic feature. The old neighborhoods with white houses and flowered yards, the cobblestone pavements that lead to small plateaus and churches, are favorable pictures you will see in any island of Cyclades.
The New City enchants every visitor with the neoclassic mansions and big squares. The central road that passes through the city leads to the island’s biggest square, “Afanis Naftis” with the homonym bronze statue made by the famous sculptor Michalis Tombros. One of the most important sites in Andros is the venetian castle built in the 13th century. It is built on a small island, separated from the peninsula of Chora by a narrow ribbon of sea of 2-3m width. A stone bridge made by venetians, connects this small island with Chora. The Castle was saved in god condition until 1943, when a big part of the building was ruined by vandalisms. There are still saved Parts of the Castle with loopholes and blazons of venetian archons.
While staying in Andros, don’t miss visiting the three museums of Chora, a true ornament of the city. The Archaeological museum, which hosts important exhibits. The Museum of Modern Art, one at its kind that hosts exhibitions and cultural events every year. Of course an island with so long naval history, couldn’t but to have a Naval Museum with a big collection of ships’ miniatures.
Highly impressive are the churches. Distinguishes Panagia Drosiani, built in the 19th century, with an impressive wooden chancel screen. Worth to visit, are Panagia Odigitria, Theoskepasti and Saint Andrew Latinos.
Close to Chora are the beaches Niborio and Paraporti, where you can enjoy the comforts of organized shores and water sports. In Niborio is the Naval Club of Andros, where you can practice on paddle and windsurfing. Every August are organized competitions and races.
Other close beaches are Gialia and Piso Gialia and the magic beach of Ahlon.
Chora keeps the scepters of nightlife. Options satisfy all tastes. In taverns and restaurants you will taste traditional recipes accompanied by the local wine. You will find bars with greek and foreign music. For the lovers of cinema there is a summer cinema that organizes cultural events.
As for accommodation there are hotels of all categories and rooms to let.
Andros is a modern city that combines everything. Here you will have the time of your life and you will fill your album with unique photos.

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