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Author : Anthi kontosorou Date : 17 / 2 / 2005

The sunny island of Aegean Sea

Port Elafos
Port Elafos
One of the most beautiful islands of Greece is Rhodes. Because of her natural beauties, her historical monuments and the exceptional tourist infrastructure constitutes one of the leading summer destinations.

When the gods of Olympus won the legendary Giants, Zeus decided to share the ground. However, at the time of division god Sun was absent. So he remained without his own ground. As fair head, Zeus promised that he would give him the first piece of land that would emerge from the sea. At the moment a gorgeous island, Rhodes peeped out of the waters. The sun fell in love and since then to make her distinguish, blazes down on the island with his beams. According to the mythology, this is the explanation that Rhodes is the island with the biggest sunlight.

General information’s

Entrance old town
Entrance old town
Rhodes, the biggest island of Dodecanese, is particularly encouraged by nature. Apart from her memorable natural beauties, the island is also found in a preferential geographic place (in the south-eastern side of Aegean and opposite from the coasts of Mikra Asias) that contributed in the economic and cultural growth of the island in each historical period. Also, in the past, that was the cause of battles among motley civilizations from East and West.
While touring in the island every visitor is impressed by its beauties. The Medieval city with the brilliant buildings that accommodated the Knights and the imposing buildings, bequests of Italian possession, characterize the city of Rhodes. The out of city monuments that are also very important and belong to different historical periods, gain the admiration of visitors. The sources of Kallithea, the antiquities of Ialissos, Monte Smith, Kamiros, the Acropolis of Lindos and her mansions, all reveal aspects of the island's past.

Charaki beach
Charaki beach
And naturally the long sandy beaches and the dark blue waters of Aegean Sea will accompany your walks. Also the pinewoods or the vineyards that colour your travel to the country, will give you many sweet memories.
Nowadays, Rhodes exploiting this important past, has evolved to a cosmopolitan resort of international fame. Luxurious hotels, restaurants and shops of all types, satisfy all sort of tastes. The island is also famous for the night life. The famous Casino of Rhodes and the high standard clubs and bars hold the first place.

The Colossus, the Knights and the travel in the city of marvels begin…

New town
New town
The town of Rhodes, the capital of the island and of the nomarchy of Dodecanese, is built in the northest part of the island, in a region inhabited since ancient times. Its feature is influenced by the conquerors that came to the island from time to time. It is a baronial, cosmopolitan, modern, but at the same time, romantic, town. All the above characteristics fit to this multi- featured town. In reality they are two towns beating in one heart. The Old or Medieval Town, that is a live part of the island's history and the New Town that represents the modern feature of Rhodes.

The New Town that constitutes the commercial and administrative center of Rhodes, has all the characteristics of each modern city. The charming capital is characterized by the impressive buildings bequests of Italian possession and others of modern architecture rhythm. All of them give the town a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a unique shine. The heart of city beates in the square of Cyprus and in the surround streets where you will find many shops. Designers' clothes, traditional products,all find their place in Rhodes market.
As you walk around the streets of the city, you’ll discover that Rhodes allocates a separate islander identity and a nobility that is revealed in every road, in all monuments and buildings and mainly in the faces of the habitants of Rhodes.
That best part of the New Town is the coastal avenue. There, are found the imposing buildings of Prefecture, of the National theatre, the Post office, and the Church of Evangelisms, which were built during the period of Italian possession, 1912 – 43. Their special architecture and grandiosity impress every visitor.
Drink your coffee in one of the cafés you will meet in the coastal avenue and enjoy the view to Mandraki, the historical port of the island. In its entrance dominate the three medieval windmills and the two bronze deers that, according to the tradition, have erected in the place where the Famous Colossus of Rhodes - one from the seven miracles of ancient world - used to stand. The purpose of its creation was to connect the predominance of Rhodeans against the thousands of soldiers of the besieger Demetrius, in 305 B.C. They attributed their salvation to a miracle of the God Sun who is the protector of the island. So they decided to express their gratitude by building a statue of triumph similar to which couldn’t exist in the world. The statue that represented the God Sun weighed up to 225 kilos. The Colossus stood in its place only for 66 years. A powerful earthquake caused his fall. The statue was considered accursed and it remained there until 653 B.C. where the Arabs despoiled the island.

The palace  Grand Magistros
The palace Grand Magistros
Ōhe Medieval City is the most beautiful and important monuments of Rhodes. The city of the Knights constitutes a live piece of the island's history. The Medieval City is unique in the world, saved in such a good condition and inhabited until our days (inside her walls live almost 6000 people!). It has been characterized as a Monument of International Cultural Inheritance and it's protected from UNESCO.
The town is built in the place where the ancient used to be and took its current feature during the 14th century by the tagma of saint John Knights'. The city had an internal acropolis, the famous Kastelo. Inside the walls of Kastelo were found the buildings of knights. The most imposing are the Palace of Grand Magistrate, the Hospital of Knights, the avenue of Knights where in her two sides are built the residences of Knights. Even today are saved the blazons in its two sides.
The Medieval city has a commercial center, where you can buy souvenirs of the island. You will find unique gifts,such as copies of blazons and knightly symbols that will remind you, your holidays in Rhodes.

Discovering the beauties of the island

During your tour in the villages and beaches of Rhodes you will realise how generous was nature when dowered this island. In order to know the island you need your own car. Of course certain routes are possible to be done by buses.

Leaving the city of Rhodes and heading north-western, we meet the cosmopolitan resort of Ixia. It is one of the most popular tourist resorts of Rhodes, with long sandy beach and a lot of luxurious hotels along the coastal road.

Moving on you will meet Ialissos that maintains her name from ancient times. Here the big hotels units impress the visitor, as and the beautiful sandy beach. The region is of big archaeological interest. The ancient city of Ialissos, one of the three biggest ancient cities in the island, are found on the hill Filerimos.
Follow the coastal settlements of Kremasti, Paradisi and Theologos. Here, apart from the beautiful beaches you will admire the traditional architecture of their setllements.


Butterfy valley
Butterfy valley
Leaving for a while the coastal regions and with direction to the hinterland, we meet the picturesque villages Pastida and Maritsa. Next station to our trip is the valley of the Butterflies. It is an infrequent sample of beauty in the island. A green valley with running waters and thousands of butterflies. This valley is famous around the world and it's a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors.
Continuing our tour in the north-western side of the island, just a little before we see the village Kamiros and the important archaeological site, we pass from the villages Soroni (with dense vegetation) and Fanes (with a picturesque fishing port).
Near the Cape of Saint Minas, are found the ruins of the ancient city of Kamiros, one of the three biggest ancient cities in Rhodes. Following the road to the village Salakos we reach Prophet Ilias, the second higher mountain of Rhodes. At the mountain's slope are built some small traditional villages. Heading to the top, where it is found the homonym monastery,the visitors can see the two elegant hotels of «Elafos» and «Elafina» with special architecture.

Kritinias Castle
Kritinias Castle
The highest mountain of Rhodes is Attaviros. It is found in the western side of the island and in its slope are built hilly villages that distinguish for their traditional colour. Embonas is a rural village. Sianna are famous for their honey. Kritinia with the homonym medieval castle and the small port of Scale Kamirou, that brings the marine breeze in the region.

Kallithea beach
Kallithea beach
In the south-eastern side of the island are found some of the most popular tourist resorts of Rhodes. So much their seaside settlements as their astonishing beaches with their high-standard organization, attract the interest of visitors .
Beginning our tour from the town and with direction south-eastern, our first station is the village Koskinou. Its traditional settlement attracts the interesting of the visitors. The beach of the village, Reni Koskinou, is very popular.
Next village is Kallithea, with the picturesque cove, the plane trees and the famous Thermae of Kallithea with the spas, that were built during the period of Italian possession. Even they don't function today, they constitute one of the sites that each visitor of Rhodes should see. The coastal road leads to the famous Faliraki, the cosmopolitan resort of the island with international fame. Here, the interest is focused in its sandy beach which is one of the biggest and best organized beaches in Greece.

Ladiko beach
Ladiko beach
In close distance is found the cove of Ladiko, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, that became famous from the cinematographic film of "The cannons of Navarone" with Antoni Kouin.
Afantou town presents architectonic interest as it keeps its traditional identity. The region characterizes for the green land of hinterland and the extensive beaches that attract thousands of tourists. The beach of Afantou allocates the suitable infrastructure for all water sports. Near the beach is found a modern golf course.
Archanggelos is the biggest village in Rhodes, that every visitor admires for its traditional architecture and the attachment of residents in traditional customs. The region has a long history in pottery. Do not forget to buy some decorative of this folklore art. The beaches that distinguish are Tsabika, Stegna and Haraki, that combine the green of nature and the clear blue waters. The best spot in the region is Epta Piges. A dreamy location with plane trees and running waters.

Akropole Lindos
Akropole Lindos
Lindos is found in the south part of Rhodes, 50 km away from the city. The Acropolis of Lindos and the ruins of the temple of Athina dominate in the top of hill. The traditional settlement is built in the fringes of the hill and maintains the colour and the atmosphere of the past. The traditional houses distinguish for their absolute symmetry in volumes and in the materials of stonework. The mansions pull the attention of each visitor. Some of them function today as rented rooms, others have been changed in restaurants and cafés, while there are some that have passed from generation to generation and still accommodate the descendants of the romantic captains.

Lindos harbour
Lindos harbour
In the gulf of Agios Pavlos with the splendid sandy beach, you will see the church that is dedicated in him and was built, as the tradition says, in the point that the saint talked about Christianity.
The southern coasts of Rhodes are famous for their clean waters and their natural beauties. The way to them passes through green mountains and streets with abrupt turns that lead to picturesque coves and sandy beaches.
In southern Rhodes you will meet other popular resorts, as Kiotari with the beautiful sandy beach and Gennadi with the green plains and clear blue waters. Prassonisi constitutes the paradise of windsurfers. The winds that blow in the region are perfect for this sport.


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