May 29, 2020
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The region has rich legendary tradition. It is connected with the Pierides Muses, daughters of the indigenous king Pieros. Situated in the passage from the north to south, it has been inhabited since antiquity. In the Historical Period, in 700 B.C. it was conquered by the Macedonians. In the years of Archelaos, king of Macedonians, Dion had a significant flourishing. In the years of Alexander the Great Pieria was a glorious region. Of great importance there was the passage of Pieria to Christianity world by the visiting of Apostle Pavlos in Methoni. In 1204 the Frankish king Vonifatios Momferatikos built the castle of Platamonas in a former byzantine fort. At the end of the 14th century the Turks dominated in central Macedonia and conquered the castle of Platamonas. Olympus and Pieria were revolutionary centres till the liberation in 1912. Pieria is spread under the imposing Olympus and the green Pieria reaching the blue Aegean sea. It is a perfect combination of sea and mountain for ideal vacations, while the region has many wonderful places and monuments. Olympus with firs, pines, oak- and chestnut trees as well as 1500 species of plants of which 23 rare ones and unique in all Europe, is worldwide known for the uniqueness of its nature. In 38 it was declared National Forest, while in 1981 it was declared by Unesco as a preservable part of the global biosphere, a fact that proves its particular significance. Following roads through the forest and paths you will enjoy the marvellous nature and the waterfalls of Enipeas. For experienced climbers there is the international path E4 ideal for a really exciting climbing up experience while for skillful bikers the forest roads are offered for wonderful courses by mountain bike as far as the location Prionia, where there is a shelter and the climbing path is set off towards the top Mytikas. The ascent from the eastern side is realized by Litohoro, a picturesque country town on the foot of the mountain. Next to Olympus they are the legendary Pieria with highest location the top Flambouro (2.190 m. altitude) with villages in a green environment. There are traditional villages with particular architectural characteristics as Aghios Demetrios, Petra, Morna, Milia, Ritini, Elatohori, Ryakia, Kolindros, the deserted settlements Morna, Palaeia Skotina and Palaeos Panteleimonas that you can visit them following courses of extraordinary natural beauty. In Pieria there are two climbing shelters: in Ano Milia and in Sarakatsana of Ritini. Pieria is also interesting from historical and ecological point of view. You can set off from the sacred city of Macedonians, Dion, where in a marvellous environment you will admire remarkable findings throwing light in the history and daily life of ancient Greeks. There is also the region of Pydna and Makryghialos showing elements of human existence and civilization since the Prehistoric Period till the flourishing of Byzantium. Other cities reflecting the historical evolution of hellinism is Livithra, Iraklia near the magnificent castle of Platamonas, Piblia. In the whole prefecture they are spread monuments of the Byzantine and modern history of the region. Churches in Kountouriotissa, Skotina, Kolindros, Petra, Platamonas, Litohoro and Aeginio and monasteries as that one of St. Dionyssios in Olympus near the river Enipeas, of St. George in Ritini and of Panaghia Makryrachis in Kolindros. The seasides of Pieria are gorgeous. They are extended in an area of over 70 km. long, from the valley of Tempi and Platamonas till Aeginio and the mouth of the river Aliakmonas. The wide beach crossed through by parks and pine-forests in combination with the very clean sea (blue flags) is ideal for unforgettable vacations. South Pieria looks like a paradise with its villages appearing through luxurian vegetation, others climbed up in the mountainside as Litohoro, Skotina, N.Panteleimonas and others by the seaside, as Platamonas and Nei Pori. At the top of the hill it is situated predominantly the castle of Platamonas built in the period of Frankish domination. From there the view is fascinating. In Central Pieria the capital of the prefecture, Katerini, is a powerful commercial center, whereas the beach and the Olympian Coast are cosmopolitan summer resorts with tense life. Beyond to the north Korinos is situated. In N.Pieria the natural wealth is combined with the historical and ecological one. Enclosed beaches and picturesque villages with fresh fish that can be combined with visits to Methoni, Makryghialos in ancient Pydna. The acquatic bio-park of Alykes Kitrous that consists a unified ecosystm with the delta of the river Aliakmonas is an ecological paradise with rare fauna of 170 species of birds.
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