January 21, 2021
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In the verge of the limits of Ipeiros, Thessalonica and west Macedonia, built amphitheatrically in the southern endings of N. Pindos and having high mountains around, Metsovo is found, a cattle-breeding settlement in the beginning, which has been evolved in one of the more important tourist poles of the country.

It is a beautiful town, with a rich history and homeland of many important national benefactors (Tositsas, Averof, Stournaris etc.). It is a tourist resort, that achieves with a unique way to move itself in the streets of growth and in the same time reconcile the past with the future. Metsovo, despite its rapid tourist growth, keeps its peacefulness, its traditional way of life and his authenticity.

In the settlement the stone mansions, the flagstones and churches cause the admiration of the visitor, while traditional guest houses offer him warm hospitality. Metsovo is also centre of gastronomic specialties as wines and cheeses unique in Greece and of splendid work of textile, embroidery and wood sculpture, with subjects that are drawn from the local popular tradition of many centuries.

The region is particularly mountainous, with intense territorial elations and a lot of forests. The National Forest of Valia-Kalnta, famous for its microclimate and its high age-long trees, it signals the region. Here strikes the heart of Pindos. The Forest is considered to be most important in Greece and is included in the 12 most sensitive regions of the world.

The imposing landscapes with the forests and the mountainous pasture lands compose a particular forestall environment, while a crowd of wild flowers reside in the region. The big naturalness of the ecosystem offers shelter in a lot of rare species of mammals, reptiles and birds of the mountainous area. The region is the biggest biotope of brown bear in Europe.

Rich is also the water network of the region, as from here five of the biggest rivers of Greece spring. Between them Aoos, that shapes the homonym artificial lake with its small, planted with pines and fir trees islands that are located in the plateau Politses, a region of splendid natural beauties.

Due to its two ski centres, Metsovo is ideal for the lovers of the snow and the wintry sports. The visitor can deal with Alpine catholic ski, snowboard and snowmobile. They allocate ways for all the rungs of training, organised faculties ski, shops of renting of equipment and organised chalets for food. The 1st, in the location Prophet Ilias, abstains 4 km from Metsovo and is found on the national street Ioannina - Trikala. Its ski floors are much easier, with small length. It is ideal for learning ski.

TOTAL ELEVATORS: 3 (two crawling 500 and 700 metres and baby lift 150 metres).
TOTAL OF SKI FLOORS: 5 (one red, one red - blue, one blue and two greens).
SEASON: From dues December up to dues March.
RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION: Municipality of Metsovo (Tel.: 26560-41095).
The 2nd, in the location Karakoli, it abstains 1,5 km from Metsovo. It is a ski centre of "small" season.
TOTAL ELEVATORS: 1 elevator of one seat of 800 metres length that serves two ski floors.
TOTAL OF FLOORS: 2 (one blue and one green).
SEASON: From January up to the beginnings of March.

RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION: Institution of Tositsa (Tel.: 26560-41206, 41345)
Monastery Filanthropinon
Ski Center
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